VDP System

Teknikon Systems’ Video Door Phone System is a cutting-edge security solution that combines convenience and safety for homes or businesses. This system allows real-time audiovisual communication between the indoor monitor and the outdoor doorbell camera, enabling users to see, speak, and even remotely grant access to visitors.

With its high-definition camera and two-way audio capabilities, the system provides clear visuals and crisp sound, ensuring effective communication. Its sleek indoor monitor offers a user-friendly interface, allowing easy operation and control of various functions, including video recording, image capture, and door lock control.

Video Monitoring

Allows real-time video monitoring of the entrance area, providing visual identification of visitors.

Visitor Screening

Residents can decide whether or not to grant access after visually confirming the visitor’s identity.

Customizable Features

Options to customize settings such as volume control, camera angles, and alert preferences.

Key Benefits of video door phone System