Home Theater

Having a picture-perfect music system and a home theater system in your home is one of the best ways to flaunt your home décor. Most of us consider these gadgets as an important chunk of our living room. You can prep up your normal living room with an apt home theatre system and make it an up-to-the-minute place among your family and friends. Perhaps, you can also dedicate an entire room to install a home theatre system in your home. Having a separate room which accentuates your home theatre will make it easier for you to plan about the placement and the family demand concerning the home theatre.


Motorised Projector Screen

Motorized projection screens are a versatile solution that allows the screen to retract back up into his casing so that the open space once occupied by a large projection surface is now available for other uses. It can be mounted in different ways. Wall projector screen applications are ideal for flat-level wall spaces. Projector ceiling mount combinations attach the projector and screen to the ceiling so that the floor space is free.