Good Speakers immerse you in the moment while enhancing and complementing the
complete viewing experience.
It reproduces everything from the lowest bass through clear emotive mid-range to the
crispest highs,reproduces the quietest sounds clearly and brings the excitement of variety
from quiet to loud to life,without adding distortion or colour to what you’re listening to.
Audiophiles appreciate a good speaker system which brings them even closer to the full
impact of a live music experience


Monitor Audio


Receivers amplify sound and provide a more theater-like sound.
> Only with a receiver can a system offer surround sound.
> An AV receiver helps systems overcome obstacles to quality sound inherent in the
room where each system is placed— from room size to ceiling height to the type of
> An AV receiver is a must to help get all the various components of your system to
truly work together.
Reciver have HDMI® (high definition multi interface) audio receiver, you get even
more benefits and can pursue 3D,4K & 8K inclusion as well.


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Built in Chrome-cast

Works with Air Play

Dolby Atoms


Alexa Controlled




Customized Screen Size

Home entertainment is that screen size can be configured to any size,large or small,that you desire

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Huge Images

Produces much larger images Customizing image size is quick and easy. Cost-per-inch much lower than TV. Delivers theater-like

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Eye Comfort

Did you know that your eyes actually feel more comfortable when looking at projected images? They do, and this is
actually due to the effect that reflected light has on the eyes. This is in contrast to televisions,which use emitted light

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Compact Size

Home entertainment projectors pack a TV into a device    similar in size to a laptop – try picking up a TV with one hand and see how far it gets you! So long as the projector is in a position to properly project onto the desired surface, then its actual location is not of much importance..

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Home theatre recliners offer the latest in style and comfort. Their rhythmic curves and clever contours imitate commercial movie theatre seats, yet offer much more resourcefulness in the way of personalization. Offered in either confident colors or stylish leather, these seats provide stretchable positioning for different postures. The recliners are offered with optional hassock which not only come with comfortable seating, but also offer cleverly hidden storage space, perfect for keeping stuff that you would want to access while watching the movie without having a hard time finding them. The seats can be attached as well.

Mannual Projector Screen

Manual or “non-electric” pull down screens for projectors are both common and popular solutions as there are often cases where an available power source for the projection screen is not available. The Manual Series features a wide selection of rollup projector screen in various sizes, aspect ratios and formats make it the most complete line of manual pull down screens for projectors

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Motorised Projector Screen

Motorized projection screens are a versatile solution that allows the screen to retract back up into his casing so that the open space once occupied by a large projection surface is now available for other uses. It can be mounted in different ways. Wall projector screen applications are ideal for flat-level wall spaces. Projector ceiling mount combinations attach the projector and screen to the ceiling so that the floor space is free.

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Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Fixed projection screen solutions are the ideal for the designated screening room where the proverbial “big picture” is not just present but flaunted. Choose from front or rear projection, acoustically transparent or ambient light rejecting (ALR) framed projector screen options.

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Zero Edge Fixed Projector Screen

An ambient light rejecting screen & Zero edge screen negates the washout effects of ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality under normal room lighting conditions. The ambient light rejecting projector screen is the perfect solution for rooms that have little or no control over incidental light. This means that an alr screen is an ideal fit for family rooms as well as lecture halls, boardrooms, sports bars, training facilities, and other business environments.

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Curved Fixed Projector Screen

Curved frame design reaches into the viewer’s peripheral vision creating the illusion of depth and draws the viewer into the picture. This curvature also enhances contrast levels with decreased incident light while creating a heightened sense of immersion and eliminates pincushion effect

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