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Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed. A time and attendance system provides many benefits to organizations.

Companies with large employee numbers might need to install several time clock stations in order to speed up the process of getting all employees to clock in or out quickly or to record activity in dispersed locations.In the business world of today we all know one simple truth…TIME IS MONEY! We work to keep the amount of time it takes to complete even the simplest tasks down to the minimum.

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automatic door opening system using PIR sensor. Opening and closing of doors is always a tedious job, especially in places like shopping malls, hotels and theatres where a person is always required to open the door for visitors.

This proposes a system of automatic opening and closing of door by sensing any body movement near the door.This is achieved with help of a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor. A live body generally emits infrared energy which is sensed by the PIR sensor from a considerable distance.This sensing signal is fed to a microcontroller to operate a door motor through motor driver IC.


When a body approaches within the operating range of the sensor, it sends a logical command to open the door. The door automatically closes with a fixed time delay. If there is no further movement within the PIR operating range. Interrupt signals are used through limit switches to avoid locked rotor condition of the motor.

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