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Choose from the widest range of Home Theatres like DVD Home Theatres, BluRay Home Theatres and Standard Home Theatres from brands like Sony, LG, Harman Kardon, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic available at great offers and discounts only at Teknikon Systems

Home Theater System in Dehradun

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Home Theater Solutions in Dehradun

A home theater is a theater built in a home, designed to mimic (or exceed) commercial theater performance and feeling, more commonly known as a home cinema. Today, home cinema implies a real "cinema experience" at a private home.

HD Projectors in Dehradun

1080p projectors are the ideal solution for top of the line home theater performance. When making your choice, consider throw distance and lens shift features (if needed) to make sure the model you want can be installed comfortably into your intended viewing room. All models are sufficiently bright for dark room viewing on screens up to 110" diagonal. However, some are brighter and can accommodate ambient light or larger screen sizes.


Surround Sound 5.1 Channel in Dehradun

5.1 ("five point one") is the common name for six channel surround sound multichannel audio systems. 5.1 is now the most commonly used layout in both commercial cinemas and home theaters. It uses five full bandwidth channels and one low-frequency effects channel (the "point one"). Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, and SDDS are all common 5.1 systems. 5.1 is also the standard surround sound audio component of digital broadcast and music.

Blu Ray DVD Player in Dehradun

Exciting new features have been added to the latest player models. Options such as Blu-ray 3D, 2D-to- 3D conversion, social media apps, dual HDMI outputs, DLNA capability, online streaming media services, mobile device control, wireless or USB keyboard support, and 4K upscailing are now available from your preferred player brand. With so many choices available for your purchase decision, sorting through the various options to find the right model can become a trying process for some consumers.


Wide Screen Display in Dehradun

A widescreen display refers to a display monitor (either one attached to a desktop computer or a laptop screen) that has a "widescreen" aspect ratio, typically 16:9 or 16:10. Up until recently, computer displays had a "full screen" aspect ratio of 4:3. These displays appear closer to a square shape, whereas a widescreen display looks like the screen in a movie theater. The term "widescreen" simply refers to the aspect ratio of the display and does not indicate the type of display (CRT, LCD, plasma, etc. These can all be full screen or widescreen).

Acoustic System in Dehradun

Acoustics is the broad term that describes how sound waves interact with a room. Each room, and all the objects in it, will react differently to different frequencies of sound. Every speaker will sound different in different rooms.

For example, imagine an empty room with hardwood floors and bare drywall. Lots of echos, right? Now imagine the same size room with lush carpet, lots of bookcases, a big plush sofa, and thick draperies. Quiet and intimate, right? These are the fundamental extremes of room acoustics, and the ideal-sounding room is somewhere in-between.


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